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"Thanks for the fiendship"
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Feb 12
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"Welcome to the family, bacon on the left, coffee on the right...just kidding we don't separate them...welcome to the fiend club"
Feb 3
Was thinking of doing a 1 line each story thing where we post a line or 2 at max and continue the story but dunno where to put it?
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Feb 3
hungry-let me feast on your fried brains
So Maccy Ds are doing tide pod burgers and in every kids meal one gets a free tide pod wahey. Conform to the moronic future!
I stole cooked bacon and according to WTR I have been poisoned with turkey bacon yuuuuck
The screams came first, loud and thunderous. The smoke flowed across the stage and the lights came up but as the band entered the stage the screams turned guttural and fierce as the house lights shown the decaying and dead horde...
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Just me created by Janelle
Dec 9, 2017
Fenris replied to Joy Killar's discussion The ReSet
"I felt warmth from somewhere but like the light at the end of the tunnel it seemed so far away. Visions blurred in and out-out and in, focus unfocused my mind awash with odd thoughts yet somehow I felt like a silhouette in a world of shadows.
Who am…"
Nov 20, 2017
Fenris replied to Joy Killar's discussion The ReSet
"How long had I been in this state of delirium? How the hell did I find myself on shore, in what looked to be a small hut or house? My head, eyes, fuck all of my body ached. But someone must have breached the icy waters and I must find...who...before…"
Nov 3, 2017