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  • Hey, I sure am hoping that we can get into some of this role playing.  I dropped a bit down following Joy's lead.  The pic on my profile, well, not me people.  I just found it and fell in love with it. It would be a part of a story line near and dear to a lot of peoples reality, the Junkie.  I mean, what the FnA happens to the Heroin addict during the zombie Apocalypse.  Not all of them are going to die right away, and if you know anything about the Junkies addiction, his/her plight then you know they expect to die, but in the mean time they will do anything not to be sick.  They will maim, torture, kill to get their fix if something or someone tries to keep them from it.  Its survival!  I saw it during Katrina in New Orleans.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from your Zombiefiend Family!!!

  • Your Fiend family misses You!

  • Welcome to The Road To Nowhere RP! Glad to have you onboard- feel free to jump in anytime and write!

  • Welcome John.  I hope you like your flesh warm.  Bunch of good folks here, Join us in chat.

    Don't forget to Run!


  • The Wolf Pack awaits your presence!

  • John, we are so excited to have you join our happy horror community. Stop by the chat room sometime and say hi, I would love to hear more about your tech ventures!

  • Welcome to ZF John , have fun this is a judgement free zone , check out our roll playing going on ,jump in if your interested .


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