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  • Zombie mocaps


  • A behind the scenes video I did a few years ago.                                http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WO38Ye-QDI                                                                            

  • That is Todd in the video!
  • I didn't make this (that credit goes to Zombie Zak and Dan Gali), but I was proud to be one of the zombies in the cast.  This is a commercial we did for Library of the Living Dead at the Horror Realm convention back in 2010.  Some of the familiar zombie-faces you may see in the vid include Timothy Long, Robert R Best, and Patrick D'Orazio.  Good times with a lot of good people. 

    • This is wonderful! Thank you, WTR! Are you the guy in the grey shirt sitting on the right?

      • The one trying to eat a book? Yeah, that's me. I also forgot to mention Dave Dunwoody was involved in this. He wrote the script and directed it.

        I wish you could actually see the zombies better in the video.  My son and Tonia Brown did the makeup/prosthetic work and they really did an awesome job.

  • Not exactly a zombie video but there's a touch of horror- shot this in my back garden the parrots were really there which is pretty amazing considering I live in London (must have escaped from an aviary)


  • https://youtu.be/eZ_3846QVHM

    The new zombie sponsored handgun commercial

    <aka What friends and I made when bored overseas>

    • Hi Dice, do you know how to copy and paste the embed code? Maybe those directions would be useful here on the sidebar for all the members.

      • I just copied the url then put it into the POST comment.

        question would be if a person watches the full one posted here (likes yours did) would that youtube channel get the VIEW point?

        food for thought.

        Ohh maybe you could make a YOUTUBE page and people would link or add to that page!

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