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  • Theremin fun

    Seriously, everybody should get a theremin. This is running thru the music software called Reason using the Scream module - or what sounds cooler, "Reason's Scream"

  • This is a little slideshow I slapped together for a blog post I did advocating torture, preferably in public squares & such as a part of our nation's penal system.
    Imagine a political office of Torturer - think of the ads!

    • You are very talented!!!!!!

    • I want that job!

  • This is kinda old. It uses Strata 3D & Poser for the figure. That's me playing - well, making sounds on a cello in my basement.

    I think Hela is supposed to be live/dead from side to side but I did her top to bottom as she could nourish life but not create it. Seemed heavy at the time...


  • My basement, me, my junk & laundry. Music made in Reason.

    • Intro to 'A Day in the Life of a Serial Killer'

      (the chick in the poster looked real for a second - you should run with that!)

      • I thought the crazy color crap where the camera looked at the monitor was pretty cool

  • This is a weird clearing in the woods down the street from me. Dunno why it's like this - maybe weird toxic springs?

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