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    • is that you on the audio?

      • Yes i love to play my casio keyboard, WK-3300 and send it to the computer for a little noise enhancement.  You might have guessed i don't know a lick about music.  

        • cool

          I have a soft synth application called Reason & Apple's GarageBand
          I use a midi keyboard & a theremin for input

          I know something about music but I pretty much suck at it. Thank Bog for distortion & effects.

  • good idea
    of course, I have nothing.

  • This is a really interesting idea.  I have broadcast cameras and audio, I should do this.  Kids I have to tell you that it might be scary.............I will need a note from your psychiatrists or keeper.  My mind hides behind my demeanor.  Please if you have second thoughts call me,  you must guess the area code and then dial 867 5309.  My evil lizard brain is waking.  Hungry for zombie laundry! 


    • Fortuitous circumstances have given way to a complete battle background recording now right outside the studio door, no expenses spared thousands of explosions of fabulous dynamic waves of air!  Digital Stereo!  Overtones of bombastic hyperbolic quivering Earth rising into the clouds.  I fear this is too good for damn zombies but its too late, we will make them pay to be in this magnificent golden light production.   

      • I can't wait to see your vids!

        • Almost all my videos are just filtering and composite kind of work.  No story and lots of colors and patterns etc., but no characters, audience or likes.  I do have a couple of promotional videos for Route 66 in Oklahoma but those are the only two that have continuity and order.  No Zombies.

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