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  • Interesting movie about a guy who sees UFOs ALL THE TIME
    The film makers doesn't try to prove or disprove the guy - Christo Poppolo, who started out making fantasy & horror movies
    Kind of a descent into madness.
  • I'm still waiting for my Klondike wish
  • I wish I had all though magazines at the bottom of the page
    • I was all super hero as a kid & didn't have any money so I have very little horror from the 60s + 70s.
      I can't believe I missed so much stuff.
      I also had to rescue my old comics from the trash constantly - thanks mom....
  • I love my icon at this site. Sure would hate to be dope sick during Zombie Apoc! Eat me baby
  • Pulp rocks!
  • How did you know I was weird and Fantastic?????
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