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If you're an author, here's what will make your page stand out:

An author pic/headshot (not required but it would be nice)

A short bio.

Links to your books on Amazon, Goodreads, etc

Links to your blog.

Cover art if you have that available.

A synopsis of your book(s). (Can be taken from Amazon and copy/paste.)

If your work is still in development, the cover art pic can be added at a later date. But, when you post that cover art make sure to include a synopsis and links to where that work is available.

Take a look at some of the other author pages on here and see how they set up their pages within the group. Some have minimal info. Some have a lot more. Up to you how much info you want on there but keep in mind, the more info you have, the more interest you generate.

This is a win/win situation.

Not only are you posting about your books to a ready-made fan base and potential new readers, its more exposure and a form of advertising.

And it's free.

One other caveat, this is not a one-time shot, post info and forget about it.

What that means, is if you're running any kind of special deal on any of your books, post that link.

If you're doing any book signings, post that link.

If you're attending any conventions, post that link.

(See where we're going here with this? Exposure & Advertising = more discussion about your work = more readers = more sales)

Sure, the site is called Zombiefiend but that's not all that happens on here. The members enjoy all kinds of horror.

In development are some projects such as "fireside chats" with authors. Author interviews. Special events related to book releases. Etc.

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  • Anybody do transhumans v. zombies?
    The argument that the transhumans are essentially zombies because they would be dead without their gizmos might be interesting
    That is from the normal warmie POV
  • So. I tried some advertising with my first novel this month. Results.
    Bargain Booksy: $40 investment (USD). I sold 17 copies as far as I can tell. At 35 cents profit per book, I didn't recoop my payment BUT I guess I got it seen by a few thousand people which is mainly what advertising does. However, there's no way to check the truth of their statement that the email newsletter went out to 112, 000 people.
    Facebook -- roughly $55 USD for a two week ad appearing in people's feed. Apparently "reached" 257, 000 people. Not one click on my SHOP NOW button on the page. And it got liked by 13 Indians (and no one else), no sales in India though. Waste of bloody time and money.
    Thought you guys might like to know.
    • My daughter works in social media marketing and it's not about how many people see your content, it's about building an online presence over time. Like all advertising, people don't necessarily purchase the first time they see something. You have to build an audience over time
  • An article by Harry Shearer about Hollywood accounting & hs lawsuit against Vivendi over profits from the Spinal Tap movie.
    I've heard such complaints about the music industry in the past.
    Dunno how bad the publishing industry is.
    Harry Shearer: Why My 'Spinal Tap' Lawsuit Affects All Creators
    'This Is Spinal Tap' co-creator Harry Shearer has penned an op-ed explaining why his lawsuit over the film's royalties affects all creators.
  • I have a three book series but one, while completed, is spinning just a bit as I'm considering other than Indie publishing for it. I may end up flipping a coin on that one. Here is my Amazon site and I can be found on Facebook at MikePeirceAuthor.
    • Hi Michael, if you have a minute, please create an author page here in this group so we may share! If you have any questions, message me and I will be happy to assist. Best, Joy
  • Anybody ever work psychics, empaths, ESP, telekinesis into zombie fiction?
    • Eric Shelman's dead hunger series had some zombies that could control others through telekinesis or whatever it's called. He had a pretty good set up in reasoning for why it was all possible, too.
  • Reminder my werewolf thriller Black Marks is now "live" and released into the ebook wilds. ZOMBIEFIEND MEMBERS get it halfprice at Smashwords. Click "buy now" and in the checkout, use the exclusive code EG84Y to get it for $0.99. This deal is ONLY available to you ZF members. to get the book in the format of your choice.
    Black Marks, an Ebook by Pete Aldin
    Jake Brennan thought Detroit could hide him. He thought a werewolf's sins could be erased. Now Jake's kind deeds have drawn the attention of his enem…
  • How to write a pagan book
    witches v. zombies?
    How to Write a Pagan Book
    Step One: Hubris
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