Via ad...Nusquam (Road To Nowhere)

After arriving on the coninent of Africa, Their exact whereabout's he'd never figure out since the locals didnt seem to want to say. They had managed to land in a town that was totally uninfected which gave them some hope. Until Leroy asked about the chainlink, barbed wire fence that surrounded the town with makeshift gaurd towers on either side of the only gate in or out of the place. It turned out it was to keep out what they called "die besmette". A second question told him this translated to "the infected" and was incidentally what the called the nearby city too. 

The man they talked to seemed to be leader of the civilisation known only as Abidugun which meant "Born Before The War" but after an old friend gone mad turned the town into a hell hole like the rest of the world, They once again found themselves on the run. Leroy had contracted Malaria and was forced to take medication for it given to him at first by the townfolk and now from wherever he could find it. 

Unbeknownst to them, a small drop unit of soldiers had landed in "Die Besmette" and were tasked with bringing it under control, but that had gone to shit pretty quickly and they instead, after teaming up with a Native African woman named Asya, were fighting their way to an evac zone, which just so happened to be at the same hospital that Leroy and his group has ended up in.
Leroy passed out once again, just before Jerry re-emerged and the two groups have now met, in mexican standoff mode, for the first time. Now all they have to do is get to the choppers and maybe....just maybe...this nightmare will end!

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  • “Rico,” Dieter called in his otherworldly voice, “did you not decipher the code which Babe just used?” 

    “It was closer. She used Morse code to signal us closer.” That had been Zeev’s voice.

    “It was not.” Dieter argued, “She signaled Rooster. Rico! Rooster! 

    “Relax shitheads,” Thought Rico. “I successfully negotiated boot camp and have a concrete, unwavering stance on physical Morse.” 

    “She said—” began Zeev, but Rico cut him off with a thought of Haldol, a drug to suppress the identity part of dissociative identity disorder. 

    Rico scanned the aluminum deck of the helicopter. Trussed in front of him was a man he didn’t know. The man, Charles, had come with them to this hell-hole as an FNG but he was anything but. Somehow this man not only know about Rico’s condition, but knew the identities of the other men in Rico’s psyche. This man was not a friend. 

    Smoke from the dead city wafted into the Talon, its density such that the helicopter’s rotors were powerless to push it away. Rico gave a nod through the gloom, imperceptible to anyone but Babe. 

    Asya, a local and a hell of a fighter glanced quickly at Rico and Babe. Their newest friend also knew something was amiss. 

    The rest of the bird was full of people Rico didn’t know or give a shit about. A small commotion between the bulkheads up front drew his attention. The copilot was leaning over toward the pilot, and when he leaned back, Rico saw a yellow flashing light on the console. 

    Only one light flashed yellow: The Master Caution Light. 

    Rico stretched to look out the open door panel. They were still well inside the city proper, with aged sandstone buildings jutting up from the flat terrain. In between those buildings were thirty thousand undead, all looking up at him with malevolent intent. 

    “Fucking rooster,” he sighed at the same time the helicopter lurched to starboard.

  • So I took off to an island! I just finished building the perfect compound on an island when all off a sudden I heard noise other than the island noise for the first time in ten years. What was it? Should I leave my secure place?
  • So we are planning a return to this roleplay. To all members of the group who are still interested in this we would like your input on how we should do so. If you want out that is fine as well, but we would really like to know how you think we should go about restarting this story

  • very good question, I still cannot post much with my character being unconcious, so I'm getting a little fidgety waiting for an opportunity write something here.
    Can we have some sort of roll call or are we going to have to declare this dead and start fresh with another RP?

    • Should we send a message to all the RP members here to see what they think?

  • Are any of the old members still going to keep writing in this RP?

  • Where is everyone?

  • sorry for thegap of time, army had me away for a while
    • Glad you are back! This RP is getting exciting!

    • i like exciting
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