Whether you're new to prepping or fairly well versed, this group will assist you with information that is, hopefully, basic and essential.

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  • 10 most deadly plants (video)
  • Anybody hear of this James Wesley Rawles guy?
    He's a survivalist author who also has a blog
    I'm listening to him on InfoWars right now talking about communications & data
    James Wesley Rawles
    James Wesley, Rawles (born 1960) is an American author, best known for his survivalist-genre Patriots novel series. Rawles is a former U.S. Army Inte…
    • Oh yeah, JWR is very well known within the survivalist/prepper community. He lives somewhere within what he calls the 'Great American Redoubt' presumably Northern IDaho but he won't admit it. He writes fiction and non-fiction and provides prepping advice. Been around for quite some time and a lot of his non-fiction books can be, and are found, within almost all prepper's libraries.
      James Wesley Rawles
      James Wesley, Rawles (born 1960) is an American author, best known for his survivalist-genre Patriots novel series. Rawles is a former U.S. Army Inte…
  • Some click bait about hobo symbols in the link. The Underground Railroad used some symbols to guide rubaway slaves.
    Any ideas on using such symbols in survivalist situation or zpoc?
  • At about the 22 minute mark in this Nightly Business Report broadcast they talk about high tech urban farming using hydroponics & pink LEDs in shipping containers.
    Seems like these might be more defensible in a social disaster setting.

  • Hunters Calendar LT app
    I found this when looking for a simple moon phase application. Dunno if it would be good for basic survival shit.
    I imagine there's an android version.

    "The best hunting app! With Hunting Calendar you will improve your hunting success. Plan your hunting trips based upon information on the sun and moon. Hunting Calendar instantly displays best hunting times for your current location. Quickly choose days and times with the greatest probability of successful hunting."

    - Prediction of the best hunting times
    - Infinite prediction calendar with iCal share
    - Animal calling sounds with iPod library support
    - Hunting location with maps
    - Day, month and week view of hunting efficiency
    - Moonrise, moonset and moon overhead times
    - Moon Phase
    - Sunrise and sunrise times
    - Minor and major periods
    - Worldwide calendar for any location
    - Imperial and metric units
    - Buy once use on iPhone and iPad

  • witches brews to modern medecine
  • Gummint disaster preparedness & assistance on C-Span.org @ 9:15 AM EST 8/29/16
    should be short

  • hey all
  • Mountain House for free! Yes, once or twice a year, MH has a deal where you can try one of their entrees, up to an $11.00 value for free! Follow this link and print up the form. Its really that easy.

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