This group is about participation.

We are here to share gas mask pictures, videos, and links.Feel free to ask questions about gas mask styles, models, and availability. Join for the amazing images and stay for the community. Gas Mask Fiend members are here to share our appreciation of what culture and status will be in a post-apocalypse world. 

Gas masks are more than just a practical defense. Aficionados and those of us with a fetish for the allure of the gas mask understand that you know when you are with your own people, those individuals who share your same desires and the unmistakable sense of community that is created when you belong. You are finally home.

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  • I used to ride my steampunk style chopper around with a gas mask and I had a bunch of long blue dreadlocks attached to the straps. It was funny, some of the reactions you'd get from people in cars.
    • awwwwwwwwww, I wish you had a pic. I would love to see that
  • I am a gas mask fiend? Interesting. Usually I see others wearing them when I have too many peanuts.
  • I found my people! I don't know a lot of technical stuff about gas masks, but I do love, love, love them. I've even been toying with the idea of creating my own gas mask art. Until then, I'll satiate my appetite here. :)
  • Just heard that journalists attending the GOP convention in Clevo are being issued gas masks
  • I have never used a gas mask. Would they be any good riding a bicycle in the winter? I usually just tie an old t-shirt over my nose & moth to keep the air input kinda warm. Would a gas mask do anything along those lines?
    Going fast (something I rarely do anymore) also leads to one's eyes tearing up. Would a gas mask help there or would it just steam up?
    Would it restrict heavy breathing like, when riding up hills?
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