This Group will contain a collection of Stories based in and around "Salvation City"
(A creation of the Road to Nowhere universe from LZ: EOD roleplays spanning from 2010-2014)
Each story will be based around experiences from a single person from Salvation City and they may link with and/or cross over each other.
Please feel free to invite people who enjoy Zombie Literature or may find this entertaining. 
OH, and don't be shy about commenting on or reviewing the stories!

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  • Well Feendz, it has finally happened :)
    I am now a self published author, and Salvation City Chronicles is the subject!

    You can pre-order the book right now :)
    Salvation City Chronicles eBook: Leon Brown: Kindle Store
    Salvation City Chronicles eBook: Leon Brown: Kindle Store
  • Sounds neat.
  • I'd been on my own for so long I suppose I had forgotten the basics of human interaction, Damn! The Apocalypse if you wish to call it that came quick and with so much violence, and me, well, I an even worse problem. You see, I'm addicted to heroin. F#$%, being addicted to dope during the end of the world might be a bad thing, but during the Zombie apocalypse that's a most peculiar brand of hell, and I somehow survived. Although, I'm alone, but what do you expect? being dope sick when a scourge of rotting, mottled, walking meat bags come pouring out of every building as they attempt to surround you to eat you doesn't present you with a lot of opportunities to make friends. After all none of that matters. Friendship, love, food, supplies everything takes a back seat when your body screams for the magic opiate. Every cell inside of you cares about one thing and one thing only, stop the sickness. Yeah, you might say, I'm down with the sickness! Although, things are pretty good for me now. I have a couple of major stashes of heroin, several drums of methadone, and if things get real bad then I have acquired 2200 hits of saboxin. Yep, I have it pretty good now. I have all the ammo I need for my Russian made AEK-971 assault rifle, and I ... to be continued. Just some junk tossed out.
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