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Free Zombie Book

Because you're reading this, I have a treat for you. I'm offering the first book in the series for FREE. Yeah. Yeah. You heard me. Freeeeeeeee. Why? Because I need all the help I can get to spread the word... 

No orientation can…

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I am not really looking for something. I am offering my services to anybody that has a low budget or no budget and want to have a strategic plan made on how they improve their business or want more results.Contact me via my fbpage.…

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The Goddamn Rules

1. Zombie Fiend is an 18+ horror website which contains mature content, graphic violence, and tasteless humor. If you are easily upset by any of these, this may not be the place for you.

2. Respect the beliefs of others. We are a Zombie community. There are those here who believe in Zombies and the possibility of a Zombie apocalypse. Have fun and suspend your perceptions of reality, enjoy the fantasy, and participate in the creativity of the website. Once you immerse yourself in the culture of our community it is an experience you will never forget.

3. No where on this site shall a member use language which is racist, homophobic, sexist, or hateful in any manner towards a person's gender, faith, color, or creed. No hate mongering words or images are allowed anywhere on this site. This policy includes, but is not limited to posted comments, chat room conversation, messages between members, or pictures. Hate, anger, and drama have no place in the Zombie Fiend community and will be immediately dealt with by suspending or banning the involved individuals.

4. Criminal activity is strictly prohibited. Members may not post details, nor may they encourage others to participate in this type of behavior. Violation of this policy will lead to suspension or banning. Furthermore, Zombie Fiend will cooperate fully with the authorities to assist with the apprehension of criminals, including releasing chat records, and providing admissions of guilt made on its website.

5. No pornography or materials that contain sexually explicit content are allowed on the Zombie Fiend website. Members shall not post such items and violations of this policy will lead to suspension or banning.  Members may not share links to porn sites or blogs that are sexually graphic in content. We are all adults here, and yes this is an 18+ site, but we are a Zombie community. If you want hot action then you should consider joining a vampire site- those are the sexy monsters.

6. No Spam. None. Zombie Fiend has a zero tolerance spam policy and violators will be immediately banned. We welcome those of you who are here to promote legitimate products and services that are related to the horror or survival industry, and we have provided areas throughout the website for you to showcase, market, and feature your commodities or services. No permission is necessary if that is your intent. The spammers are the ones who will go to each member's profile and place a message for a person to try their non-endorsed item (such as viagra), or who flood the activity feed with irrelevant or inappropriate status updates or messages. Another type of spammer that is just as irritating are people who join our community with the sole intent of recruiting members for their own website. These people will friend request current members and then send spam invites to join their network via message in-boxing. One group that is notorious for this is WickedZombies.com. If you receive a request to join that website please report the individual to a ZF administrator immediately.

7. Zombie Fiend reserves the right to reject, refuse to post, or remove content submitted by our members. We may also deny, restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to part, or all of the Zombie Fiend website at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation and without liability. By signing up to be a member of Zombie Fiend you also agree the Ning’s Terms of Service located here.