Which do you like more?

I'd love your thoughts on my book cover. This is a pre-apocalypse, zombie-themed book that takes place on a college campus in the winter. It's the first one in the trilogy.

What do you think? Version 1 or Version 2?

Here's version 1:

Here's version 2: (please ignore the fiverr watermark)

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  • Version 2 works better for me. Kind of mysterious and catches the eye.

  • I kinda prefer 1 altho that hand looks kinda weird


    if the girl in 2 is a major charcter, that might be more appropriate.

    • Hmmm... the hand is supposed to look weird. It's a zombie hand :)

  • These two covers are for the first book in my trilogy. Once I have the others completed (hopefully within the next week or so), I'll post them here too so you can see all three potential covers for each look/theme. Again, I really appreciate your help! :)

  • Version 1! The person on the cover ENGAGES us. 

    Version 2.... kind of looks like every other cover.... stop that, Gayle. You are a Fiend. Own it! Grab readers by the balls!!!!!

    • "Grab readers by the balls" :)

    • I thought cover #1 was more engaging because of the girl's face front and center, but then others in the self-publishing arena said it's easier to get people interested if you're able to mimic other covers in the genre, especially when you're a newb like me. So confusing! 

    • Blood, guts, and mayhem!!

    • I actually dislike BOTH covers. Let's chat.

    • Sure! Will you be online tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon?

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