The Zombie Fiend Apocalyptic Traveler

When I’m not writing or haunting the hallowed halls of Zombie Fiend, I’m also an avid geocacher, which is basically what happens when you tell nerds to go outside and play. For the uninitiated, geocaching is the art of using multimillion-dollar, government GPS satellites to find Tupperware hidden in the woods.  The containers—which can also be ammo cans or any other weatherproof canisters—are called geocaches and usually contain a logbook and various trinkets which can be traded for goodies from your own stash.  However, there is another type of trinket which can be found in a cache known as a Travel Bug.  A Travel Bug (or TB) is not meant to be kept; its sole purpose is to be moved from cache to cache.  A unique serial number is assigned to each TB and this number is logged on the site anytime it is picked up or dropped off, allowing the owner and others to track its journey.  And these things do tend to get around.  I’ve helped move TBs that have logged have hundreds of thousands of miles over the years, some of which originated on the other side of the globe.

With that being said – and with Joy Killar’s kind permission – I decided to create a Zombie Fiend travel bug and unleash it upon an unsuspecting world.  I’m still in the process of finding a fairly active Travel Bug Motel (a cache specifically designed for moving TBs), but thought I would create a blog here so I can share details of its journey with the community. For anyone interested, the official page for the Zombie Fiend Apocalypse Traveler can be viewed here.

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  • wow, never noticed this thread

  • Our  putrid, globetrotting beauty has hopped the ocean and is back in the States, having traveled 4,460 miles to infect Wisconsin once again. Interesting enough, she is now resting in a cache that is 666 mile from where she began her journey. Anyhow, that clocks in our travel bug so far at a whopping 15,638 miles!

    • Hola mola!

  • Our zombie girl is still shambling around in Greece. This time she's been dropped off at a cache on Estavromenos, the mountain which towers above the village of Anatoli. Here's a pic of the the area the cache is located at.

  • Our travel bug has hopped borders again! This time the Apocalyptic Traveler has been dropped off in a cave in Greece, Below are pics of the gorge in which the cave is located as well as a skull that marks the way to the cache. Seems appropriate for our lil zombie girl (who, btw, has now traveled 10,051 miles)!

    • Holy Hannah! That is awesome!

  • Still within the Bavarian Forest, our travel bug has made a short hop of approximately 8 miles, bringing the total miles traveled up to 8,864.

  • Our travel bug was moved to the Bavarian Forest in Germany; dropped off in a cache on Mount Poller, it has already been retrieved and is on the move once again. But here's a nice pic of the general area.

  • The apocalyptic traveler has jumped borders, moving 464 miles from Denmark to its new temporary home in Germany. :)

    • AWESOME!

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