Special Thanks to all of the AMAZING Fiends who have contributed to this fight against cancer.

Pete Aldin Doomsday's Child
Shaun Phelps & Kyle Clemments Zombie Stories for People with Short Attention Spans
JR Jackson UFTD Books 1-6
Anthony Renfro A Zombie New Year's Eve
Anthony Renfro The Dead of Winter
JT Lozano The Beginning of the End
Johnny Andrews Hard Game of Life
Johnny Andrews Loving the Alien
Johnny Andrews Bloody Words
Michael Peirce Red Dirt Zombies Book 1
Rich Restucci Chaos Theory Book 1
Rich Restucci Conspiracy Theory Book 1
Rich Restucci Conversion Theory Book 1
RJ Spears Forget the Alamo
Suzanne Sussex Safe Zone Book 1
The Zee Brothers Curse of the Zombie Omelet (Standard Edition)
Vincenzo Bilof Necropolis Now
Vincenzo Bilof Nightmare of the Dead
Joe Cautilli Zombies vs Robots Books 1 & 2
Scott Baker Nazi Ghouls from Space
Scott Baker Rotter Nation
JZ Murdock Death of Heaven
Zombie Fiend Anthology Hunger Pangs: Dark Confessions
Zombie Fiend Anthology Feast or Famine
William Todd Rose Cry Havoc
William Todd Rose The Dead & Dying
William Todd Rose Sex in the Time of Zombies
William Todd Rose Fighter's Bite
William Todd Rose Undead Nocturne: Even Dead Men Die (Out of Print)
Asher Wismer The Perfect Castle
Asher Wismer Sugar Rush
Asher Wismer Glowcoals
Bryan Tann The Enforcer
Bryan Tann The Hunted
Rob Turnbull Thinning the Herd

Darren Feight Exclusive Zombie Fiend T-shirt
David Mack Misc items
Jonathan Maberry Limited edition, autographed book
Zombie Fiend Custom BOB
Jackie Chin 1 Hour psychic reading
Asher Wismer Autographed Cover Prints
Dave Jeffery Movie: Ascension
Foxtrot Productions Movie: The Plaque

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  • Congratulations, Dave! You're one lucky duck! Here's to all us Zombie Fiends! Muah! Muah!

  • congratulations dave!
  • Congratulations Dave Small!!
  • Hola Mola! That's a lot of prizes!!

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