Individually Wrapped Chloroform Towelettes

I don't want to say my neighbors are crazy ass paranoid, tho I don't mind, but this chick, who is too "peppy" has been seen around offering free individually wrapped moistened towelettes to people.
People are in a tizzy. My favorite comment was:


Dont ever apply anything to your skin or take something from a stranger. A knock at the door a few questions try this hand sanitizer .doesnt it smell nice . Chloroform !!! Maybe not enough to knock you out.But enough to be able to take advantage .And pay .maybe I'm crazy .But people are ruthless .

So, AFAIK, nobody sells individually packed towelettes saturated in chloroform. Seems like something a fiend might want to buy, tho. Is this a possible ZF product?

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  • Or babysitting
  • wth? Why is she going door to door with hand towlettes? Makes no sense.... Although, I really like the way you think: Cloroform Towlettes would probably be a huge hit!

    • I'm thinking you could sell 'em from vending machines in night club restrooms.

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