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  • My boss will be in Australia next week visiting the University of Brisbane Queensland. Do you have any words of wisdom I should pass along to her?

  • Australia should repatriate these gius

    These crabs can grow up to the size of dogs — and use claws as strong as a lion’s jaws to hunt bird…
    We have video evidence that the crabs – thousands strong on one island – can scale trees and hunt full-grown birds in their nests
    • Haha, sounds like a guy I used to work with. ;)

    • Hola mola! That would make me pass out and puke!! 

  • Not sure who was the zombie...

    • Lord God Almighty! And this Aussie newspaper (which is one of our worst if not THE worst) has the gall to say “only in America”! So story goes that Prue Elizabeth Harvey, a drunk Aussie tourist, attacks a woman during a zombie bike ride. Arrested for assault obviously.

      Jeez, Prue, way to represent your country!
  • Tell ya what, can visit us.  

    • Weeeeelll, you got bears and you got handguns, so we’re about even lol
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