Dogs & Pumpkins

A recipe that's not a recipe for a dog treat using a pumpkin & leftovers.

How to clean your fridge and delight your dog while warming the kitchen.

This is the time of year when the autumn sights and smells always give me bigger ideas about wonderful ways to cook up the fall bounty than I'm able to carry out, let alone eat. Those delicious pumpkin pies, curries, soups and stews finally fill all the bellies, and I wind up with more pumpkins than I need. What a perfect excuse to make a feast for my favorite bottomless doggie belly! There is simply no way to go wrong with baking a pumpkin for your dog. 

The woman who wrote this is a vegetarian & has Anatolians

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  • This such a delightful way to help animals- I bet lots more than just dogs would love this!

    • I bet our raccoons would tear into this stuff! 

  • Darren, do you have a dog?

    • no dogs here

      my sister has 4 (FOUR) Salukis. She told me some Persian folks throw a live chicken out to their dogs but my sister won't do it.

      She is no fun.

    • My sis does lure coursing with her mutts which is kinda cool. She also has worked with police & military people who train dogs to sniff out bombs, drugs, cadavers & stuff (nose works, I think), which led her to barn hunts where the dogs sniff out rats.

      Barn Hunt: Doggy fun, even without a barn
      A Barn Hunt involves four things: hay bales, plastic tubes, rats, and your dog; if your pooch is too old for lure coursing, this is an excellent alte…
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