Battling Zombies Under the Influence

Apparently Viking Beserkers would take hallucinogens before going into battle.

What would you take before slaughtering a bunch of kill crazed shambling zed?

FWIW, the Amanita muscaria was supposed to give a real energy boost but also cause crazy mood swings that probably wouldn't work well in a battle.
The CIA, of course, experimented with LSD & that didn't fly.

So, your choice?

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  • In books and movies the smallest exposure to the z virus infects you immediately. But what if small doses of zombie blood or flesh got you high? Then you'd have a bunch of addicts stalking the zombies. Talk about turning the tables
    • vampire blood got normies high in True Blood but I wonder if the zombie horde could pick up on n existential threat...

  • I've read that Nazi soldiers were hopped up on a pill form of what is now known as crystal meth. But, like Joy, I would prefer to keep a clear head. Especially with addictive substances. Even in our current world, addicts can take unbelievable risks to acquire their demon on choice; put that same behavior into a z-poc situation and the addict would not only jeopardize his/her own safety, but also that of the entire group.

    • Star Trek looked at doping & adiction in a couple storylines with humans & clones

      of course, in a zpoc supplies would be scarce so choices would be more organic with coca, shrooms, pot & alcohol

      I guess chewing on coca leaves would be ok on marches

    • does cocao get ya high
  • DF, this is a great discussion! I can see pros and cons to both approaches. Personally, I would rather have my head straight - I sincerely believe sobriety would heighten my chances for survival. BUT, I can see how attractive it would be to be comfortably numb and anesthetize oneself when your inevitable end has arrived.

    Also, to address the possibility of drugs as a strength or fearlessness enhancer: Meh. I wouldn't take my chances. I want my response time fast, and my body to obey what my mind knows is real.

    • I think I'd prolly go with a gun in one hand &  bottle of wine in the other.
      Ultimately, thaT Would leave me knocked out & zombie chow, of course, but what a way to go, as Suzi Quatro would have said...

    • I'm with you. JK and WTR can save us
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