Word of the Day: Use it or lose it!

Hopefully by now you have noticed that there is a Word of the Day displayed on the main page of the website. Some of the words are delightfully archaic and obscure.

Share your use of the WotD in a creative sentence here!

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  • The group of hikers, trapped in the mountain cabin due to the snowstorm, had no problem electing cantankerous Carlene to be the first to be sacrificed for their cannibalistic needs.

  • Soggy muggy was dripping with brains.
  • Soggy moggy came in from the rain.

  • Auto salesmen are known to purloin personal profit preying on pilgrims in need of transportation. 

  • In my time since the world ended, I've purloined me many a roll of toilet paper from camps and compounds.

  • I long for the good old days when slacktivism was still in the pen.

  • I hate it when WOTD uses pop-culture words like "slacktivism".

  • An MRE is just another MRE unless it's a Vegan MRE, superlative dining for the discriminating combatant.  

  • "As a rosarian I do love our floral friends," she said, moving the pruning scissors closer to his toes, "but as a human being, I can't stand the rest of you."
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