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  • The Plague 2 fleshes out the post-apocalyptic world writer and director Emir Skalonja unleashed in the original film.  The sequel introduces a bevy of new characters while treating viewers to the continuing adventures of Becky and Jill, the sole survivors of The Plague. Surviving, of course, is never easy when the undead scour the countryside in search of succulent flesh and the walking corpses in The Plague 2 will certainly satisfy zombie aficionados. Zombies, guns, action, and gore...what more could you ask for? 

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  • In this bloodthirsty sequel to Emir Skalonja’s critically acclaimed film The Plaque, there is no question that Foxtrot Productions pays homage to all that zombie lovers embrace. This is exquisite early Romero, and a testament to why we love the genre! The noir approach lays vantage for the viewers that offer an intimacy only Indie can provide. The film opens with extreme action and ends in carnage. Riveting and powerful, this classical film is a must for every z-connoisseur.  

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