• Tesla and I would have a Milwaukee's Best in his HV Lab.  I want him to be drunk enough to start turning things on.

    • That is an awesome answer!!

  • Everyone on ZF at a round table discussion. Who's more interesting than you guys?

    • awwwwwwwwwwwww #Fiend4Life

  • I'd love to have a beer with a Middle Eastern gent I crossed paths with one day back in '03. We could after action his IED ambush. Based off the conversation, either we would be best buddies or I'd pluck his eyes out with my thumbs. Odds are maybe 50/50. But I'd love to trade war stories over beers with that guy.
    • I like 50/50 odss... they make life interesting!

  • My grandfather. Or my grandmother. Never met them. May be nice to see them.
    • I'd like to meet my great grandparents.

      They'd probably think I was an asshole, tho.

      and they'd be right...

  • D.O.A. - Cocktail Time In Hell - YouTube
  • Stephen King. Hands down.

    "Tell me how you keep on doing it, O Master."

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