• The hollow moon is gaining ground.  

    zero point energy is increasing too.

    Human Zoo is coming true.

    You can use a quantum computer right now

    I am glad I'm old.  

    • "I am glad I'm old.  "


  • The Mandela Effect

    The Mandela Effect | Examples & Possible Explanation | Documentary REACTION!!! - YouTube
  • So, the word is that the Chinese space station, Tiangong - 1, is out of control & will crash into the Earth eventually.

    This phone software, Skyview Satellites, will show you the station's path. Dunno if it will show the path as it goes rogue or just the path it's SUPPOSED to take.

    Anyway, it doesn't appear to go over N America or Europe now, but when it comes to crash time, it might be a nice app to have to see if you might get creamed.

    OTOH, it might just burn up...

  • I am experiencing an unusual state of mind due to my final acceptance that life beyond Earth not only exists but, is prolific.  With a revelation is this profound and open-ended I find that it is hard to really disbelieve anything.  With certain limits, mainly used to keep my comfort level reasonably stable.  Is this something that others here have experienced?  

    • there's  gotta be life out there but I don't know how it would introduce itself to us.

      Judging by what we've done, I would expect alien rover type things landing on the planet. I tend to not buy the alien abduction stories.
      I have no idea why they would come here in secret.

    • Hi RC, I can only speak for myself, but I think that once a person has accepted that there is more out there than we were raised to believe it really impacts your worldview. It causes one to be more open to any possibility, and demands that we do not negate so quickly.

  • fun documentary about Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast - interviews with people shortly fter the show

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