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Hi, my name is Joy. I am a Fiend. I have a friend.

ZF needs your help | Actually... I really need your help.

I am a mess about this decision right now. Can you help me?

Next week I planned on transforming ZF from a zombie site to more of a community-centered, passion-driven site.
But, there were some things this week that made me stop and reconsider.

Before I do anything major to ZF, I'd like to hear YOUR thoughts.

Would you rather that the ZF website remain zombie-centric, or would you prefer we open it up as a place that is driven by member interests?

Please vote by Midnight on Monday, February 5th so I can tally the votes

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  • ZF was the beginning, Feendz is the future :)

  • Feendz

  • feendz


  • There is always another hill to climb and ZF will be stronger for it,  expand and embrace tomorrow.
    I love what you have done and my vote in no way diminishes what you have achieved. 

    • Please confirm: You vote for Feendz?

      • yes

        • Thank you, mon frere. You are more appreciated here than you may ever know. *HUGS*

  • Hi after reading all the comments I believe change is good. We could market to a larger group of people. I see the vision in which you are going. 

    What ever is done #IAmHere #Feind4Life 2018 Here We Come!!

    Peas & Carrots


    • Please confirm: You vote for Feendz?

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