What is your style to take out a Zombie? I carry Swords and Knives. Sometimes a bow too. I like to be in stealth mode. Nobody expects me, and when I am done I light it up like the 4th of July! Aka I burn all left in my path.

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  • A 10-watt laser mounted on a shotgun. This is my standard weapon, it should be fine.  Cook one eye then, set clothing on fire, if they keep coming, cook the other eye.  If this doesn't stop them then the shotgun.  


  • My fav is a cast iron frying pan! Bonk zombies in the head, strengthen my arms, and cook up some bacon and eggs - all at the same time! :)

  • Swords, knives, axes...and a carbine and pistol chambered for the same amount.

    • That should say 'ammo.'. Damned autocorrupt.

  • I see a lot of think a like!! 

  • Harrigan bar. Deadly. And practical too.

  • My two weapons of choice are my Gerber machete and my intelligence. I can kill anything with whatever is available. This I swear.

    • holy shit, Gerber makes machetes?

      I've just been getting the crap at Lowes

      • Yeah. Gerber. They issue life insurance, make baby food, toilets, and now machetes!

  • Knives and a hatchet for aggression release. Still need a gun for the living who are as big a threat as the eaters.

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