Word of the Day: Use it or lose it!

Hopefully by now you have noticed that there is a Word of the Day displayed on the main page of the website. Some of the words are delightfully archaic and obscure.

Share your use of the WotD in a creative sentence here!

Word of the Day


Definition: A right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right).
Synonyms: exclusive right, perquisite, privilege

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  • As the zombies chewed my intestines, and my entire body went numb, I became enamored with the way the sunlight danced on the wall.

    • Light loves to dance.


  • The moment my eye met the Bear Claw meat shredder, I became enamored with the possibilities. 


  • I keep my ancient artifacts and bottled samples of odd creatures among other trifles at the entresol of my humble my guest house down the path and over the hill;  

  • I'm doing my best to repulse my makeup obsession, but FedEx just delivered another package! Argh!

  • The zombie's spittle was a dark red, and dripped with a sluggish smear from its mouth.

  • Do you remember the astronauts that complained of spittle filling their helmets during spacewalks?  


  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, my first boyfriend always had an overabundance of spittle when we french kissed and it made me want to vomit. 

    • *GAG*

    • Gayle, sometimes it's hard being a woman.

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