Word of the Day: Use it or lose it!

Hopefully by now you have noticed that there is a Word of the Day displayed on the main page of the website. Some of the words are delightfully archaic and obscure.

Share your use of the WotD in a creative sentence here!

Word of the Day


Definition: A right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right).
Synonyms: exclusive right, perquisite, privilege

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  • She knew it was time for her mensuration cycle to begin because she was feeling really bloated and crabby.

    • He ran to the man cave because of her mensuraration!!

  • The mensuration of pain, 1 - 10, fuels my concern that we are living in hell.  I am going to behave myself if I go around again.  


    • You are quite the logophile! :)

      • I will take your word for it,  I am nothing without an adequate delay.  This is an unspoken moment that is actually more valuable than the conversation itself.  A little time to think before answering a question can help to avoid misspeaking or an embarrassing moment.  What is a logophile?  I'm sorry, I have an undocumented brain.  This one defies my research for a reference.    

        • Thank you, Gayle


          • You're welcome, Richard! A logophile is just someone who loves words. It's a high compliment! :)

            • Thanks again, Gayle.  My true love is Sandie and photography.  Words come out easily now, after a few years on FB and ZF.  But, I have trouble getting them in. Sleepytime runs concurrently with story time.  It's nice to have so many new faces here.  I remember when I signed up there were about 400 photos, and now!  Joy and WTR do a great job of the mountain of work this place is.  bye bye


  • Voracious vortices vacuum villages very often in the spring.


    • ahahahahaa! That is a "mouthful"

This reply was deleted.