• Why is it that when I tell people that ETs are real, have been on earth longer than us, they are our daddy and they use us like we use bunnies in the lab, they blame me for upsetting them?  

  • Why does my doctor need to be a detective, why can't my brain tell him what is wrong with me??


  • (Hands on my hip) I said so because I am MOM end of discussion period. I see you rolling those eyes don't you dare ask why again!!! 1 minute later but why mom I love youuuuuuu!! Lol

  • y not?

  • Why did seven eat nine?

  • Why does no word rhyme with orange?

    • "No word" doesn't rhyme with orange; "no word" rhymes with "slow herd" :P

      • Hahaha

  • Because I am tired of looking for your X!!

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