What's your favorite aspect of Feendz?


Hey all!

I wanted to get some feedback from our family to see, what really brings you to the site and community?

For me, it's literally the family aspect. When I first joined back in 2011/12 ish, I came in for the zombies, but found a second family. I'm naturally a shy person, both online and offline, but when I came in, everyone was so welcoming and kind and it was a huge change from what I was used to. I had always been bullied growing up, so I usually kept quiet to avoid any situation where I could be beaten down for my interests.
However, here, everyone shared the same interests, plus some new ones I got into because of this community! This family helped me blossom into the outspoken, not so shy person I am now. I'm so grateful for y'all and even the new members I have yet to truly meet, I'm excited to get to know you because I've yet to meet a black soul here.

I also thoroughly enjoy the different topics that are brougt to light here. There's not just one aspect of something and with how many people we have, we get to see how broad of a spectrum each niche has, and I LOVE it! I was really into steampunk and zombies back when I first joined, but little did I know there was a genre of zombie-steampunk until someone suggested a wonderful book in that exact genre, and it's a wonderful read! If anyone is interested, it's called Boneshaker by Cherie Priest - and it's a series, so you don't finish the first book and are sad it's over; it keeps going!

So, my feendz family, I ask you, what brings you to this website and keeps you coming back? Is it the chats? The roleplay? Learning about survival? Feend Stream? Please tell me! Is there anything we can do here that would make you want to visit more often? Come on up and don't be shy, I want to know why you became a Feend and why you continue to be a Feend!


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  • Feendz is Home and there is no other place like it! Here we chat, we learn, we have each others backs. We support each other and lift others when down. I know from personal experience when I have been harrassed or verbally attacked Joy, Robin, Remco, have had my back. There is NO place I know with that much loyalty to someone they know via Facebook or any website I have ever been on. I am brand loyal to Feendz because it is my home and home is where you hang your hat!! 

  • I think what I like best is how the members go out of their way to support each other. Many of us are starving artists of one sort or another, and everyone here gives up masses of time and energy to get the word out, promote, and sometimes just be a sympathetic ear.

    Also Joy and WTR are hella dope, G.

  • It is the place I call HOME. I bleed ZF. I know I am not much on here but behind the scenes I working for the Feendz

  • Why Feendz? Because elsewhere you find the folks next door, but here, we're from the 13th floor.

  • Posts on other social media sites seem to drive wedges between people; but the Feend is all about bringing people together.

    • I agree! I thunk the big difference between feendz and regular social media is that we listen to and respect each other, whether or not we have the same views.

  • feendz is cool cuz there's less drama and politics like you find on other sites. members are closer, and seriously loyal about protecting each other.

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