Walker Stalker Melbourne

What an amazing convention. Despite no-shows for fan favorites Negan and Darrell (Daryl? Darell? I dunno how to spell it), the panels were funny, informative and the actors generous with their time and personalities.

Some highlights:

Amazing cosplayer bearing a striking resemblance to a character in my prequel novellette. I was stoked she took this photo...

Michael Rooker rides a horse through the crowd to his panel because why the hell not?! Horse got spooked by the loud music and nearly knocked a few people over but Rooker was wonderful with it. Awesome guy. His panel was meant to go for 45 minutes; he gave the crowd 95 minutes!

An excited author and his lovely wife (definitely my better half)...

Zombie tarot?! WTF?!

Stephen Ogg (with mic to mouth) and Michael Traynor (far right) torment the deaf signer by making her repeat their bizarre and disgusting story they improvise for five minutes. Very very funny! (The interpreter was laughing and suitably embarassed)...Mah babies ... shortly before I completely sold out and had to start taking orders for paperbacks.

So many beautiful, well-behaved, zompoc fans! A great time was had by all.

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  • AWESOME! I am so happy this was a successful venture and fun venture for you, Pete! I love Michael Rooker! I am friends with him on Fakebook!

    • Niiiiiice!

  • Awesome! These zombie cosplayer people have mad makeup skills!

    • There were even better ones, lol. And soooooo many Carrrls, with the hat the hair the eye bandage.

  • cool

  • I go to the one here in US in October. I help David Simpson out! I love taking pictures of all the stuff!

    • Our first in Australia. So good to see them do a great job of them.

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