Send Your Name to the Sun!

Be a part of the first mission to touch the Sun!

NASA, in conjunction with The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, is making this dream a reality! 

Submit your name and it will be included in a memory card that will fly aboard Parker Solar Probe spacecraft.

Come with us as we plunge through the Sun's atmosphere, closer to the surface than any spacecraft before it, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions—and ultimately providing humanity with the first-ever close-up view of a star.

Submissions will be accepted through April 27, 2018.

CLICK HERE to submit your name to the Parker Solar Probe!

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  • I went to Mars a few years back! Only the name you want on post card! Remember it's your name!

  • per a previous post by Scarlet, which friggin name do I use?

    • Ahahahahahahaha!!!!! ALL OF THEM! SEND ALL YOUR NAMES TO THE SUN!

  • Wow!

  • I'd be more interested if I could put my name on Uranus! :)

    • Now you crack me up!


    • O_O

    • Someone had to say it, Gayle. Nice work.

      • You can count on me, Pete. I'm chock-full of cheesy comments. :)

        • Don't you mean "cheeky" comments? Get it? Uranus???? Cheeky????

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