• Black Panther? That totally looks like Batman.

          • It is Black Panther. DC is a different universe
            • Black Panther movie coming out soon.

  • There's also a comic series, "Afterlife with Archie", which takes the old Riverdale High Gang and brings in zombies.

    • Oh! I'd love to have a copy of this! The Archie Gang comics were my favorite when I was growing up.

  • I do! I have a personal drawing of the hulk and wonder women done on the front of comic books.
    • Wait! Hulk is Marvel, but Wonder Woman is DC. Is that right?

    • You have a drawing of Wonder Woman as a zombie? You gotta post that!

  • Marvel Zombies is BADASS!!! i have most of the comics. The best is MARVEL Zombies VS Evil Dead. If you love comics you have to read them.
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