• I loved the marvel zombie storyline but it was also kind of depressing
  • Oh man do I have a story for you if you like Marvel Zombies. It's called Polarity and the main character is The Shocker, a B grade villain from the Spiderman comics. It's a fantastic read if anybody wants to read it. I have it and can send it to you.

    • I'm not sure if I like them or not, but I didn't even know they existed! Is Zombie Spiderman in that comic book?

  • I was told that my son's uncle created the first black DC character/Superhero. I think the character's name is Saber? Just tried to Google not finding much on this topic. I realize I need to loop back to confirm, but I remember being 13 and visiting this guy's house and it was AMAZING! Artist studio, tributes to every cool comic character framed on his wall. Neat little clapboard house in Roanoke, VA. It was such a great trip. I loved my boy's gma and great-gma; hated the dad.... still had an amazing adventure. Saw so many things that stuck with me, such as meeting the comic guy :)

  • I found images of Zombie Superman on Google, but can I post random pictures? I don't wanna post anything that I/we don't have the rights to.

    • I don't think anybody cares about 1 image. If you post a whole comic book, folks might get pissed.

      1 image would be allowed legally as a sort of review & could be seen as promoting the comic.

      Ohio newspapers complained about people posting whole articles on a site dedicated to urban development in the state (even tho their reporters frequently ripped off the site & other people's blogs), but the were fine with headlines, lead paragraphs & links.

      I am no lawyer, tho.

    • Is that zombie batman I spy in the background there? :)

      • No that is Zombie Black Panther. Batman is from DC not Marvel. You have so much to learn lol
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