Let's Build An Apocalypse Town!!

Hi Everyone,

Let's Build An Apocalypse Town!! Describe something you would like in your town and why. Let's see how creative we can get. We need to build from ground up. Vechicals Food Shelter Water People Gun Everything Goes!! Let's Have some FUN!!

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  • I am adding a rooster. A town without a rooster would just be wrong!!!


    Spansh fort in Florida from the 1500s
    I've sen a similar design from Poland.

    • Town is looking Epic!!

    • Needs howitzers on the corners.

    • That is my dream home!

  • In the event of zombies, a ring of treadmills surrounding town outside the wall.  They stagger onto them, and can't stagger away...

    • YES! And, seriously! Can we just please have a goddamn moat???

      • Yeah! Yeah! A moat would rock!

      • Yes.  Preferably a nice, deep, dry one (like the one at Rhodes, Greece) filled with scavengers to clean up the dead bodies/zombies.

        • If the moat is dry, may we add large ponds around the perimeter stocked with pirahnas? 

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