Horror Rules: Add your life saving thoughts here

The other night Shadow Girl and I were watching a movie and screaming our advice to the actors. We know there are a few lists out there that should be used as guidelines, but we have so many others that had not been addressed.

Here is the beginning of our list, and we hope the ZF community will add theirs as well!

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  • It's never just the wind. Never. NEVER.
  • Invest in a portable cell phone charger and carry it with you at all times.

  • If objects in your home start moving of their own accord, TIME TO FUCKING MOVE!!

  • If someone in your group starts acting weird--not scared weird, but super creepy, out of character weird, they're possessed. Just shoot them and get it over with.
    • Multiple times, just to be safe
  • If you find a creepy, old book written in an ancient language, for God's sake don't read from it aloud!!

    • Especially if it's bound in human flesh, or the Author's name is Abdul al-Hazred...
  • If you've never been camping before, try KOA...not some wilderness location miles from nowhere.

    • I was at a KOA out west somewhere.
      There was a friggin' prostitution ring working out of an old school bus there.


      Probably a good set up for a horror comedy story...

  • If an elderly person or a local tells you not to go there, don't fucking go there.

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