Please bear with me, I have a question - but the background to the question may seem convoluted.

I have been an Admin on sites like ours for many decades. In all the years, I have witnessed a very strange phenomena. Members do not bring their family, friends, or close connections to the community.

Let me explain my analysis in more depth: It does not matter what the social community is, members refuse to invite the people they are close to.


In an effort to understand this, I want you to chime in. I cannot solve this puzzle without your input.

I hypothesize that it is not a concious decision, but rather a block that has been ingrained through other social media platforms.

I realize that the Feendz is an adult only site- I am not asking why you have not involved your children. But why have you not brought your best friend here? Or your favorite sibling? Why have you inoculated the community from your other connections?


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  • I have two families; one that I live with and the Feendz. I keep no secrets from either family. I will ask the boss if she wants to join tonight. I have brought several friends here, or at the very least told them about the site and let them make their own decisions. Chris Rawding is, in fact, my best friend. He's a member and has done some artwork for a few of the Feendz. I tell my readers to get their asses over here at the end of every published work and have cited fellow Feendz as well. I will always spread our infection because, quite frankly, you guys are worth it.


  • morgan is here

  • Good question. A couple of my reasons:

    #1 - No one in my family likes zombies. The exception is my husband, but he works in accounting all day and the last thing he wants to do is type on a computer keyboard when he comes home. He'd prefer to play on his xbox or sleep.

    #2 - I'm going to admit a big one here. I don't have any close friends in real life so I can't invite them. However, I have promoted this site via social media to my small group of "friends" and followers. :) 


    • Same here on point #2 Gayle.  All my friends are Feendz

  • My family is and will always be "Benchmarks of conformity" they would not understand the freedom of expression and direction that gives this place its charm.  As for friends,  all but two of my friends are here anyway. 

    • I understand that. Most of the people I care about are already here.


  • Yep easy, none of them are crazy enough lol


    • ahahahaha, I understand that!

  • I would be interested in this too. I'm sure there are many reasons, but I'd only be guessing at other peoples'. Mine is a simple one. None of my close friends and family like horror, zombies, role play, etc (apart from Noel O who is already here, lol). They have different interests. I have invited people I know through Facebook or conventions who do share these interests. 

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