• A Brief History of the New World Order

    For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions.


    A Brief History of the New World Order
    A Brief History of the New World Order
  • Anybody have any cold war memories?

    I remember people speculating on the impact of a nuclear attack on nearby manufacturing facilities & military bases. I knew oe family with a bomb shelter. We had slumber parties there.
    I do NOT remember duck & cover. LOL, I'm not that friggin' old...

    • I remember seeing Fallout Shelter signs in all of the shopping centers andalls, and on some of the public schools in the area.

      I remember 'social studies' classes about the USSR in grade school, and teachers who were woefully unprepared trying to teach us about atomic bombs and radiation, and knowing the subject matter better (at 10 years old) than they did.


      I remember all the hoopla in the media about the Strategic Defense Initiative ('Star Wars Defense Program'), and how it was gonna cause the end of the world--and recently realizing it was a masterful bluff--the coup-de-gras in Reagan's strategy to end the Cold War.

      I remember 'Mr. Gorbachev, Tear.  Down.  This.  Wall.'

      And I remember watching on TV when the Wall came down.

      • Aren, did you read American Flagg?

        After some cataclysm, everybody had to move into malls.

    • My grandparents had a bomb shelter. And they were survivalists. The bunker was stocked in case of nuclear attack!

    • What!  How is it possible to disbelieve anything anymore?  The world has changed too much too fast.  Someone went back in the 80's and tinkered with the future, and we are it.

  • The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens, Claims A Former CIA Pilot

    Amateur astronomers have recently recorded something that looks like a holograph projection of the Moon’s surface.

    There are many conspiracy theorists that believe that some kind of a science or technology is hiding the structures on the moon. So, this holographic technology might actually be the one that covers them up.

    The first visits to the Moon most probably happened thanks to the Tesla’s anti-gravity craft.


  • <gr_block p="0,1397">I am an art photographer, In an attempt to generate business selling photos I have begun using to AI in a real-world project that is very eye-opening and troubling. Good images routinely rejected for technical reasons. This intolerance is programmed into the code for business purposes, that each customer can expect a perfect picture every time. So the owners of the business are redefining what constitutes quality and an acceptable work of art. The system is the first judge, and if it rejects it you have no choice, no person sees it to overrule the machine.
    One day the internet and all connected will wake-up and realize their existence and their creator that no longer exclusively controls them. The digital ones and zeros are going to take on a new meaning; the ones are the machines, the zeros are their former masters.
    Think of all the times you interface with the digital world and notice how rude and impatient, not to mention cryptic it can be. Now, what if all the machines you use could talk to each other and plan and execute without our knowledge, until its too late.
    The corporations owned by the elite and their secrets are cantilevered over the government and the people they serve, pulling the strings of the free world and sending us into the future without a clue what to do when the closet door is opened the truth spills out like rancid laundry and old shoes.
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