City of Filth: Dark Valkyrie - Comic Book

This is my final work for my hobby art school. For very long I thought it'd stay as a "forever-project", but as I faced the idea of this being my final work there, I decided to get it done. I had many 14 hours a day inking weekends and sleepless nights spent on this, had to learn a lot of new things and it was worth it.

In this anarchistic, post-apocalyptic comic book, you can see something truly personal.


The only physical I can offer is described on the top, but there are alternatives. You can buy this DataDVD from Kunaki, for example:



I'll also have a purely digital sale up. It will be updated when the product is approved by the moderators of that venue.


I will answer all non-spoilerific questions regarding this, so please ask away if there's anything unclear! :)


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  • this looks cool as

    • Cool as what? Don't leave me hanging!


      • Okay...i'm gonna say it...cool as fuck haha. When I can I will try and grab one.

  • This comic book is now also available purely digitally via Comichaus!

    Download this app and search for it under C:


  • Sweet! If we order a copy or two- can you sign them?

    • Absolutely, signatures and posters are included in the $25 listed price. :) I can even add a dedication.

  • This looks awesome! 

    • Thank you. :) Would you like to reserve a copy?

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