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We are all are here to help you learn the ropes on the Feend.


Darren Feight
Conspiracies. Metaphysics. Serious inquiries only. Inquiries will be monitored with deepest concern. Click Here to Email

Gayle Katz
Author. Cutie. Chat Queen. The girl with the smiles for miles. Click Here to Email

Goddess of love and light. Textile Feend. Cosplay. Legacy member. Blessed be. Click Here to Email

Maiden and mother. Special effects makeup. Gamer. Music. A willing hand during high tides. Legacy member. Click Here to Email

Music. Images. NING platform questions. Legacy member. Click Here to Email

William Todd Rose
Goodness & light. Spiritual safety. Author. Possibly a raccoon. Or a dolphin. Or a raccolphin. Legacy Member. Click Here to Email

Robin Appelo aka Dutchy
Marketing guru. Movie buff. Crazy AF. Has cat. Football fanatic. Click Here to Email

Aren Vaal
Viking. Loyalty. Humor. Cos-play. Humanity’s last hope. Click Here to Email

Convention Queen. Events. Duck tape. Goddess. Positivity and love. Click Here to Email

General Dave Mack
Faith. Governance. Leadership. Alpha wolf. Legacy Member. Click Here to Email

Fearless Freak
Chat ghost. Tokusatsu video. Music. Cosplay. Legacy member. Click Here to Email

Dark Bard. A poet’s heart locked in a handsome body. Click Here to Email

Pete Aldin
Author. Teacher. Man’s man, ladies’ man, man about town. Knows what will kill ya in Australia. Click Here to Email

Brutal Jack
Deth metal. Gore. Legacy member Click Here to Email

Joy Killar
Gas mask girl. Recluse. Don’t poke her with a stick. Legacy member Click Here to Email

J.R. Jackson
Retired Military. Author. Safety mitigation expert. Legacy member Click Here to Email


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  • bumping so new members see this on their home page as well as their comment wall <3

    • Thank you! Admin Buddies make a huge difference for new members!

  • cody

    • Awesome. Now pick me lol
    • I pick you and Joy and WTR for a variety of reasons!  :-) 

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