November 18, 2017 ~

Zombie Fiend Take-Over

Zombie Fiend has been tasked to host a day of contests in the Reading Zombie group on Facebook.

The group currently boasts 1,282 members who actively participate in the contests.

In addition to swag and tangible items (including a custom bug-out bag and a plethora of fiendish items), ZF will be raffling off 2 USB Flash Drives loaded with books and stories written by ZF members!

Furthermore, ZF will donate $1 to St. Jude's cancer research center for every new member who joins the ZF website that weekend.

Your books, stories, and swag can be included in these prizes!

We invite you to email us a .pdf or .mobi of your work to be added to the USB flash drives. This is an incredible chance for you to get your work in the hands of readers and fans.

Additionally, if you have swag or merchandise you would like to donate that will be included in the Grand Prize we are raffling off to raise money for cancer research. Please message Joy here on ZF or Robin Appelo on Facebook for the address to send donations to.

Important for Contributors to Know:

1. Money raised from the contests on November 18th will be donated to St. Jude's Cancer Foundation.

2. Marketing for these contests will begin this coming Tuesday, November 14th and will include "Shout Outs" to every ZF member who has donated items or stories.

3. If you are interested in donating a novel or a story to this cause please send your .pdf or .mobi to OfficialZombieFiend@gmail.com no later than midnight on Wednesday, November 15th.

4. If you have swag or other appropriate items you are interested in donating to this blow-out contest, please email OfficialZombieFiend@gmail.com or contact Joy Killar on FB or ZF with your intent no later than midnight on Wednesday, November 15th.


Lots of cool stuff will be given away to raise money for cancer research on November 18, 2017

We look forward to your contribution, and your support for this cause.

Peace, love, and Fiendishness! ~ Joy xoxo

Thank you <3

- Sneak peek of the cool USB Flash Drive that your written donation will be loaded on:

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  • Hi Joy,
    I'd like to include my book. Have to figure out how to get it to.mobi format. Thanks for organizing this.
    • Thank you, Rob! pdf versions are also acceptable. Feel free to email the copy to officialzombiefiend@gmail.com

  • fuckin cool AF
  • Wooohooo. Let's fill up the Big Fucking Bag o'SWAG Fiends
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