Artist submissions for the wolf pack

i would like to propose , if I may we request submissions from interested artists who would like to create a group “photo “ of the wolf pack , I would require each member to give a detailed description of their character or submit a picture 

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  • general mack 

  • My image....Joy: Gasmask, machete, backpack, and an outfit that looks like hobo with a leather fetish went on a field day.

  • Great idea! I will add this to the next Feend Newsleter.

    I wish this site had tagging options- I would tag many of our artistic Feendz.

    • Is there a deadline and how many characters must be in the image?


    • Wolfthorne: love this.

  • Dutchy. Weapons are brass knuckles and knives. Shotgun is last resort weapon. Smokes and loves music. Has a blind rage that goes on when he has blood on him

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