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Hello, I'm new here, and was adviced to make a thread. I'm a Finnish man with interest in movie collecting, music, horror and traditional art. I have created a film company named Troceleng Studios. It's the legal venue for me to profit from the traditionally animated movies I write, direct, produce and solely animate.

Here's a link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TrocelengStudios/

I have two horror movies available for watch and purchase, Lin! Forest of Hatred and Dusten Choke.

Lin! Forest of Hatred is a movie about a drunk man escaping his recent past into the safety of alcohol and his summer cabin. He did something terrible and can't decide whether he was justified or not. Eventually, he has to go into the murky, dark forest and face whatever might dwell in it. The movie's SD edition can be seen over on my Youtube channel. The 720p DVD release is available on the Facebook page.

Dusten Choke is a movie about a man seeking to solve a mystery behind lost people. To the end, he goes to Dusten, a small town surrounded by sharp rocks and vicious wind. Can he handle the true nature of what he seeks? The movie's censored for Youtube version is available for viewing on my Youtube channel. The DVD releases (720p and 4K) are available on the Facebook page.

I'm really proud of these movies, so I'd be thrilled if you guys would watch them or even better, buy the DVDs. I do my best to load them with special features and the best designs I can make. They are born from A LOT of love and dedication. It's hard to get more independent: All of the discs are burned in my tiny room and the covers are cut by me too.

This might've been a bit rambly, but if anything's unclear, just ask me. :)

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  • Right now Dusten Choke and Lin! Forest of Hatred can be bought as a package for only $15, signed and including posters, including shipping! Get on this!

    • Hi Joona! May I have a link to order this great package?

      • Pay on PayPal to datamies@gmail.com and give me your address via email at troceleng@gmx.com or via PM here or at facebook.com/TrocelengStudios. :)

  • You can now buy Troceleng Studios -films via Kunaki! Check out the store, the first three DVD's are up. :)


    • AWESOME! Thank you!

      • No problem, I love to serve the customer to the best of my ability. :)


  • Hi Joona! I'm delighted you decided to create a post! Your work is pretty cool!

    • Glad you like it. :) If you're interested, I can set away a couple films for you to buy.


  • Woohooo. Great to have you onboard.

    • Thank you for  the invitation. :)


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